Call or text (541)598-5384

 You are also welcome to email your request.    7 Days a week. 
Shuttles run 3 AM-The last plane lands.
Now taking reservations through 2017.
We do accept last minute appointments.

Enviro Shuttle provides comfortable private* transportation to and from the Redmond Oregon Airport. We also offer scheduled transportation in Bend to and from any destination in Central Oregon.

With an all hybrid fleet, our fuel saving add up to your fare savings. Our pricing reflects that point. Not only are you getting the best rate, but you're also helping keep Central Oregon skies blue. 2 benefits from the same ride.

Since all of our safety is concerned, our vehicles offer ABS, traction control, passenger and side curtain airbags, and when legal, studded tires for the winter driving. You can feel safe riding with Enviro Shutlle.

Airport rates
Bend rates


-You pick the time
-7 days a week 
- 3am-The last plane lands
-Door to Door service
-Private. No waiting for others*
-Text friendly
-Car seats available for infants and toddlers
-Non-smoking, clean, newer vehicles.
*Due to major plane delays and/or cancellations, if you must share a trip, you will recieve half off your fare.
We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.
Redmond Airport's most affordable private shuttle service.
Why pay the others for wasted fuel?
Plenty of room for a pair of skiiers, snowboarders, golfers, 2-4 person family, or the business traveler.